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Got a green garden in your yard? Or maybe you’re a container gardener. Either way, July is a perfect time to start planning your plantings to keep your kitchen full of fresh and yummy things right up to fall. A lot will depend on what region you’re in, but in July, early spring crops have come and gone and you might be looking at some bare dirt. There are some fast-growing, heat tolerant veggies that may surprise you. 

  • Cucumbers – at 52 days from seed to harvest, these are a fast crop. Though their needs are water intensive, cucumbers are a perfect container plant.
  • Green Beans – you’ll be harvesting fresh green beans in just 48 days, so plant them in intervals to keep a constant fresh harvest available.
  • Beets – want greens? They’re ready in less than a month; the bulbs will be ready a month after that.
  • Carrots – plant them now for carrots in September, and don’t worry about planting more than you can use right away. Carrots will grow until the first freeze and will actually do well left in the ground.

While you’re at all this gardening, add in some salad greens, most mature in under two months, and fresh herbs in containers. Basil matures in just one to two months, if you plant in containers, at two week intervals, you can enjoy the classic taste of summer right up to late fall months.

If you live in an area where frost doesn’t hit until late in the fall, you can even get a crop of tomatoes in the ground. Prefer containers? Plant yours in a sunny window and you can enjoy fresh tomatoes all year long.

Why the focus on gardening? Choosing fresh, organic, locally grown veggies is one little step to a greener life. If you don’t have access to a real farmer’s market, or a grocery store that carries locally-grown organic produce, that can be a tough step to take. We’re all about celebrating little things and making the choices that are right for you and your family. We’re also about living well, and that includes eating well. There’s nothing quite so delicious, or satisfying, as something you’ve grown yourself.

Brand new to gardening? Start with a simple, organic garden kit and terracotta pots you can place on your patio or in a sunny window. We bet you’ll be quickly hooked on growing your own!

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