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Spring is coming and that means it’s time for muddy shoes, wet umbrellas, raincoats and more. If you don’t happen to have a mudroom, you can feel like your entry has been taken over by wet and messy outerwear. Yuck! However, it’s an easy fix and you don’t have to sacrifice (much) space to do it. Creating a one-stop-shop for all that gear helps keep your home cleaner, neater and even greener (you’ll be doing less clean up in the rest of the house and keeping all the outdoor gunk in one easy-to-clean spot).

If your entryway has a closet, then you have the perfect space to transform into a mini-mudroom and provide a cool, pretty place to take off shoes, hang coats and even store umbrellas and other items you need to grab on your way out the door. What? Sacrifice the entry closet? Why yes, that’s what we said. Most of us rarely use those closet for much – they hold a few coats during the winter months, and otherwise tend to gather stuff. Clean it out, find other homes for the stuff and transform it into a usable space that you’ll soon wonder how you ever lived without it.

Open it up

Get rid of the door, the hardware and as much of the trim and frame as you can to enlarge the entry space. You’ve just made room for the new organizational system you’re about to install.

Lights, please

If you’ve already got a good light, great! If not, hire an electrician if you have to, but get a good, overhead light in there and put in some LEDs to make it easy to find what you need. Next, add some paint and don’t be afraid of using dark colors on the inside walls. Those dark shades can help hide dirt and scuffs. You’ll brighten it up with shelves, bins, and other accessories.

Get organized

You’ll need a bench, some hanging space and some shelves and storage. If you can find furniture to fit within the former closet, great, otherwise, it’s a quick and easy DIY to build a storage bench to fit the space. Place hooks on the wall above for coats and bags, then install a shelf or two above that. Use bins to keep everything organized – you can assign one bin to each family member, or give bins a category – umbrellas, keys, mail, etc.

Alternative organization

If you want a more built-in look, or you just don’t like bins, hire a contractor, or get seriously DIY and build in cabinets with doors to hide all your things.

It doesn’t matter if your space is tiny or huge, transforming that seldom used closet into a mudroom will go a long way to making  your entry more useful, and keeping your home tidy. Add a small rug, and a few throw pillows on the bench, hang some attractive art and you’ve got a perfect entry spot.


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