trendy vs. personal…
you don’t have to choose!


Slavishly following any trend can result in a cold, less personal look, whether it’s your wardrobe or your room! Embracing a trend doesn’t have to mean giving up your personality. You can have the best of both worlds, personal décor that reflects you and your style with a trendy feel. Here’s how!

Mix it up—Instead of embracing just one trend, which becomes the main attraction, try combining more than one trendy look for something uniquely you. Yes, you can pair stripes and chevron-print textiles with vintage furniture. It works when you embrace one color scheme.

Show your personality—Whether it’s a unique piece of art, framed family photos, or a treasured collection of tchotchkes, displaying things that are meaningful to you brings a personal touch to trendy design.

Classics are timeless—Invest in well-made, classically-designed big-ticket items. They’ll stand the test of time when trendy pieces won’t, plus you’ll essentially have a strong, stylish, but neutral palette on which to play with trends.

Accentuate the trendy—The easiest way to add a trendy look to your space without going overboard and losing yourself is in smaller accent pieces. Accessories in bright patterns, decorative pillows, throws, and interesting art can pay homage to a trendy style without staging a coup over the rest of  your décor. And they’re easier to blend in over the long run.

Sustainability counts—When it comes to pieces that you need to last, opt for quality. This goes hand-in-hand with the classics are timeless concept. Well-made pieces will keep their fresh look longer, and choosing pieces with an eye to sustainability is a trend that’s never going out of style.

Get comfy—No matter how trendy something is, if you don’t like it, then you won’t be comfortable living with it. Make sure whatever pieces you choose, you enjoy the way they look, and the way they make you feel. Keep things comfortable and you’ll be able to embrace any trend.

Try a new twist—Every room has its standards. The dining room includes a table. The living room has a sofa. Try something a little different, use benches or armchairs at your dining table. Mix up the seating styles. Swap your loveseat into your dining room, and try a daybed in the living room. Take a chance and try something different.

Make a cocktail—Back to that mixing it up trick we mentioned first, try blending two seemingly disparate styles for a unique new look. We’re very fond of industrial-rustic and modern-rustic looks. It’s a great way to use a trend while keeping your home different and fresh. Contrast works well here, and will be unique to you.

Embrace your hobby—Bring elements of your hobbies into your décor for a truly personal touch. Love baseball? Go ahead and display that autographed ball. An avid reader? Nothing says “you” quite like a display of gorgeous old books. Find new and different ways to incorporate your hobbies into the trends of today and your home will always look and feel fresh, inviting and most of all, personal.

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