twinkling lights…
they’re not just for holidays

All those little twinkling lights. We deck our halls every holiday season, hanging them from branches and boughs, eaves and everywhere we can. They’re everywhere. And why not? They’re flexible, waterproof, easy to use, and if they’re LEDs, they’re long lasting and economical to run. What’s not to like? Aside from the fact that they get hauled out every year around Thanksgiving and then put away as soon as New Year’s is over. For just over a month, these little sparkling wonders light up our lives, and then they’re put into dark storage. But there are other ways to use them. You can bring that magic and sparkle to every day of the year.

Glass jar night-light—tuck a string of lights into a recycled glass jar or vintage demijon and top with dried flowers or any decorative items for a nightlight that looks good during the day as well.

Well lit décor—put a string of lights into a recycled glass hurricane. It’s a perfect accent on a shelf, or as a centerpiece.

Path illumination—string outdoor-rated lights along a path to create a softly lit walkway. Mix your holiday lights in with solar-powered lanterns to create a nighttime wonderland.

Party flair—decorate your railings, shelves, doorways, or any place that needs a little extra sparkle for a party any time of the year.

Guest bathroom ambiance—use clear LED holiday lights to create soft lighting in the guest bathroom. Perfect during parties!

Unusual space lighting—in small bedrooms, finished basements, converted attics and other unusual spaces, a string of soft white holiday lights can open the room up and create a sense of cozy warmth.

Under a loft bed—the perfect solution for a teen room, dorm, or any small apartment. Run holiday lights under a loft bed and add comfy seating underneath to create a cool reading nook.

Inside an unused fireplace—this may be our favorite trick. Bundle white holiday lights into an unused fireplace to create a soft glow. Bonus points if you run the lights around a stack of “firewood” in the grate.

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