unexpected color…
taking it outside the lines

Take a look around any décor site and you’ll see all the usual suspects for color schemes. You’ll find the casual, beachy whites, grays and blues, the warm and earthy tones of Bohemian style and the jewel-box tones of classic décor. But who said you had to play by the rules? Sure, there are some tried and true color schemes; they’re a great place to start, or fall back on if you need to. But what if you want something just a little, or a lot, different? There are times when a shocking color scheme is just the ticket for making a room work well. Are you ready to color outside the lines?

We love color, and our new spring line is full of it! We’ve pulled together images that show off color schemes that are just a little outside the norm, and they work. The secret is being fearless and using the unexpected colors to your advantage.

Who says red and blue have to be nautical?

This space combines unexpected colors, mixed patterns and interesting design and ties it all together thanks to the accessories. A remarkable piece – whether it’s art, a pillow, bedspread, rug or whatever – can be a stepping stone to a very unexpected, and very workable, color scheme.

Dressing down the overly formal

If your space is pure button-down, an unexpected palette liberates you from all the classic rules and creates a timeless appeal in a space that could otherwise seem stuffy. The secret to this look is going bold and fearless, and keeping furniture styles harmonious.

Mix metaphors

Rooms that lack personality in the form of architectural details are just begging to be jazzed up with some bright colors. Start with otherwise simple colors and inject some serious good vibes with an incredibly vibrant shade. The secret to mixing orange and pink (or other similar colors)? Choose colors that have the same intensity or value.

Define your space

Unexpected colors can help bring definition to your rooms. The contrasting colors here help create the feeling of two distinct areas in this otherwise wide open space. An unexpected color pop is also a good way to create a focal point in a room that lacks one.

Embrace bold

There’s a lot going on in this room, but it works thanks to the walls – a true neutral on the walls and the rest of the room would have seemed jarring. But with the subtle color that ties in to the art, the rug, and the pillows, the rest of the room comes into focus in an amazing, energetic way.

Primary concern

Going this bright, with pops of high contrast color makes this entry warm and welcoming. It works because the bright yellow has taken the place of a neutral and the other colors are used as accents. This isn’t a look for the shy at heart, but if you love bold rooms, this could work for you.

Taking it outside

Who said bold color combinations were reserved for indoors? The neutral backdrop provides the perfect spot to bring in bright colors. Repetition is the secret here, using the same brights over a large area brings a sense of harmony.
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taking it outside the lines

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