unwanted visitors…
a mouse in the house

unwanted visitors

Eek! A mouse! We all know the rule, if you’ve seen one, there are more. And while no one like to think about mice, the fact is, they happen. Whether you’re in a city apartment or a rural farmhouse doesn’t matter. Short of spreading around a lot of very bad for you and the environment poison, what can you do? Oh, lots! We’re not talking poison or traps, those are hot topics and we recognize that everyone has strong feelings on live traps versus kill traps. Instead, we’re focusing on making your environment less welcoming to unwanted furry visitors.

Go outside

Walk around outside your home and check for spaces where they can come in and seal those spaces up. Remember, if a mouse head can get through, so can a mouse body. Caulk small openings and use copper gauze or steel wool for larger openings. Don’t forget the foundation, basement and attic, and check around all vents, plumbing and electrical conduit lines.

Get discouraging

We’re not into the idea of poison, we think mice are entitled to live, just not in our homes, so try a natural repellent like Fresh Cab, Critter Out, Shake Away or others. Most of these work by using natural scents that scare mice away; don’t worry, they don’t smell bad to us humans. Make sure whatever you choose is non-toxic to other pets, critters and children.

Go airtight

In the kitchen, store foods, especially cereals and pet food, in airtight and rigid containers. If a mice find no food or water, they’ll start looking for another place to hang out, so make sure to fix any leaky faucets as well. Eco bonus? You’ll save water, too!

Clean up

Wipe counters, shelves, baseboards and floors where mice have been with an earth-friendly cleaning solution that has a distinct herbal smell. Mice tend to follow the same trail and often go by sense of smell. Cleaning and getting rid of their left-behind scent can help discourage them.

Use scent

It may be an old wives’ tale, but there are plenty of natural options for deterring mousey visitors. Cayenne pepper, peppermint, citronella, and cloves are all said to be natural mouse repellents.

What about cats?

Not all cats are mousers, plus if you have neighbors who might be poisoning, you don’t want Kitty chowing down on a potentially dangerous snack. If you love cats, by all means, have cats, but don’t count on them to be mouse deterrents.

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