view from the veranda…
embracing the outdoors

Ah, the veranda. Or maybe to you it’s a porch. Or a patio, balcony, or deck… whatever you call that covered, outdoor space, it can become the most welcoming part of your home. As the weather turns warmer, it’s time to take things outside, and take your veranda to new heights.

  • Double your pleasure—if you have the space, let your veranda do double duty for both lounging and dining. Comfort is key for lounge chairs, so choose something you want to sit in for a while. If space is too tight for a chaise, consider a laid-back Adirondack instead.
  • Dining al fresco—sure, a full dining table would be great, go for it if you’ve got the room. If not, a bar table takes up less space, and looks great as well.
  • Light it up—you don’t want to be restricted to daytime use only. Ensure there are plenty of candles and solar lanterns around to provide soft, ambient lighting for your evening soirees.
  • Get comfy—treat your outdoor space like a room in your home. Add comfy throws and cushy pillows to keep things soft and appealing, and add welcome color and style.
  • Decorate—just like any space in your home, accessories can make or break the veranda. If you have a lovely garden or yard, framing the view is the easiest step. Consider adding plants, even a terrarium in a shaded corner can work wonders. Welcome nature’s own décor with pretty bird feeders.
  • Embrace the space—if space is tight, or you’re inclined to minimalism, don’t be afraid to keep it simple with just a chair or two and small table. Conversely, don’t let that empty space stay empty. Go ahead and fill it with things you love. Add an outdoor area rug, even.
  • Enjoy—even the smallest space can become your favorite sanctuary. Whether it’s a sunny balcony, a shaded alcove, or a broad, covered porch with a great view. Claim the space as part of your home, and enjoy.
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