welcome your guests in style…
chic and cozy guest bedroom

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Ah, the guest bedroom. That space that is often forgotten until it’s needed. For most of us, our guest bedrooms do double or even triple duty, also serving as a home office, craft room, or other functional space. Sometimes, the guest room becomes a sort of overflow storage area, completely forgotten about until the arrival of out of town guests.

The only element a guest bedroom really needs is a bed – preferably a reasonably comfortable one! But why shouldn’t your guest bed be as nice as the rest of your home? Creating a stylish, comfortable space that’s warm and inviting is not only great for your guests, but it also feels good to have a beautiful space. Even if your guest space is a daybed tucked into your office/sewing room, actually, especially if that’s the case, making the bed stand out as a place of welcoming comfort is the easiest way to make the space feel wonderful.

Good linens – start with quality linens. There is nothing restful about sleeping on scratchy sheets, so makeup your guest bed with soft, organic cotton bed linens that will soothe your guests to dreamland.

Lots of pillows – from standard bed pillows to decorative throw pillows, lots of fluffy, softness piled high on the bed is an invitation to climb in and catch some zzzs.

Toss on a blanket – sure, there should be a nice duvet for sleeping, but add a cozy blanket for mid-afternoon naps. It’s not only practical, but adds another layer of pretty to your guest bed.

Headroom – have some fun with the guest bed and go for a unique headboard. Whether you find a vintage piece in tufted velvet, repurpose an old barn door, or simply paint a headboard onto the wall, go ahead and do something unusual in the space.

Wrap it up – if your guest bed is sharing space, consider adding a canopy or curtain around the bed. It doesn’t have to be a big, built-in canopy. A simple, gauzy mosquito net, or linen curtains hung from the ceiling will create a sense of privacy and add some unique style to the room.

Color conundrum – you can create a soothing guest space with neutral colors accented with soft blues for a traditional, tranquil feeling. Or, you can use the guest room to have some fun and experiment with color you might not otherwise use. Either way, have fun with it.

The little things – outside of the “big” stuff like a place to sleep, store clothes and shower, it’s the little things that make a guestroom really feel welcoming and special. Make sure there’s a bedside table, even if it’s a tiny one, to hold things like cell phones and a water glass. Have a small carafe and glass handy for those late night “I’m thirsty” moments. Consider filling a pretty basket or bowl with organic toiletries to make your guests feel extra special.

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chic and cozy guest bedroom

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