what sustains you?

At bambeco, we understand that actions speak louder than words. That’s why we’re putting our money where your mouth is by contributing $2 to The Nature Conservancy every time someone answers one simple question—what sustains you? Have you shared your answer? If not, go here and add your thoughts, now through November 22.

So, who is The Nature Conservancy, and why are we so excited about this? We’re so glad you asked! 

The Nature Conservancy is the leading organization working around the world to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends. Together with its more than 1 million members and 550 scientists, the Conservancy has protected 120 million acres of land and 5,000 miles of rivers worldwide, and operates more than 100 marine conservation projects globally. The Conservancy works on the ground in all 50 states and more than 35 countries. Here are just a few highlights. 

Mexico From the Baja Peninsula to the Gulf of California and the Maya Forest, Mexico is extraordinarily rich in natural beauty, important wildlife and local cultures.   The Nature Conservancy is working on the ground to protect forests, wetlands, mountains, oceans and deserts that are vital in providing economies for local communities and habitat for a multitude of important wildlife.

China In China, ancient landscapes meet modern industry, and the most populated country on Earth is pushing some of our natural resources to their limits. The Nature Conservancy is working across the country to safeguard critical resources like the Yangtze River and Yunnan Forest which serve as engines for the country’s growth, and harbor the plants and animals local communities need to thrive.

Northeast USA From Maine to Virginia the Northeastern United States is one of the most developed and densely populated regions in the country. The Nature Conservancy is working across the region to help balance these stresses on nature—by restoring coasts that help protect cities from the effects of storms; securing freshwater for local communities and urban areas; protecting, restoring and managing vital forests; and ensuring people and nature continue to get what they need to thrive.

Midwest The Midwest hosts some of the most amazing natural areas in the U.S.—from the Mississippi River to the Appalachian Mountains, Ozarks and Great Lakes, the region is teeming with life. To help local communities, wildlife and natural systems thrive, The Nature Conservancy is working to protect and restore these places—eliminating invasive species, improving management of farmlands, and restoring forests that in turn provide clean drinking water to major cities in the region.

Great Plains Home to thousands of diverse species ranging from salamanders to Bison, the Great Plains span ten states in the U.S. between the Rocky Mountains and the Mississippi River.  These sweeping plains, prairies and fertile grasslands are engines for cleaning our water, helping to grow our food and providing important nesting and migration corridors for thousands of species. The Nature Conservancy is working to protect, restore balance and improve management of these important landscapes so they can continue to provide the many things both people and nature need to thrive.

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