what’s your favorite style?

What’s your style? We’re all so used to seeing decorating styles defined. There’s traditional, contemporary, midcentury modern, modern, transitional, eclectic, southwestern, arts and crafts, and the list goes on. While we tend to avoid putting our style in a box (which puts us firmly in the eclectic category), we do know that a little definition can make decorating so much easier. We’ve gathered a few pieces to create three of our favorite looks—feelings really. Your décor style is as much about creating a mood as it about creating a look. Ready? Here we go!

Beach Boho

Start talking beachy décor and the most common images are nautical or tropical. We think of the beach in a different way. We think of walks on the sand, driftwood and the breeze that comes off the ocean at night; of mixed textures and reclaimed woods.

Vintage Industrial

We love almost any version of the industrial look, but we’re particularly fond of the contrast of warm woods and cool metals in a more aged take on the style. It’s the perfect opportunity for reclaimed pieces to really shine.

Modern Rustic

Blurring the lines a bit between true rustic style and vintage industrial style, we love the warmth and organic feel of this look. Lots of textures, natural fibers, repurposed and reclaimed materials are what define this style.

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