where does it come from?
acacia wood

Acacia Treee

In the green marketplace, Acacia wood is often touted as “eco-friendly.” It’s a beautiful wood, prized for its rich brown and gold color, and it’s a fast growing resource. But is it green?

When it comes to the Acacia products bambeco sells, the answer is a definitive “yes.”Acacia grows everywhere in Thailand and there literally hundreds of species worldwide and they are very adaptable, growing well in almost any condition. In Thailand, they are called “rain trees.” The trees are often used for erosion control, but they must be carefully contained to prevent them from become invasive pests.

Bambeco’s sustainably harvested Acacia comes from trees that are downed for other reasons – road clearings, selective forest thinning, downed trees and similar. Rather than let the lumber go to waste, it is harvested for use in home décor items. The usual harvest time for Acacia wood is 30 years. It is a fast growing and renewable resource.

Bowl Blanks

The wood is hand selected for its light and dark contrasting grain and since it’s a medium-hard wood, it’s perfect for kitchen tools and serving pieces. The natural oils resist moisture and the wood will become even more beautiful when burnished from a lifetime of use.

Urn Turning

Skilled craftsmen in small workshops transform raw slabs of this beautiful wood into items as useful as they are beautiful.