where have all the flowers gone?
10 things to do with an empty vase


Flowers are such a traditional gift – for Mother’s Day, graduation, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. They often come attractively arranged in a pretty vase; eventually, the cut flowers die and you’re left with a very pretty, but very empty vase. What to do with it? Why not repurpose it?

  1. Build a terrarium
    If it’s the right size and shape, filling a clear-glass vase with tiny plants is a beautiful option and easy to care for.
  2. Make a trifle
    Extra-wide containers can house a yummy take on the traditional trifle. Just layer fresh fruit with granola or bits of cake or cookies and vanilla yogurt. (do check to be sure the vase is food safe first!)
  3. Weather a hurricane
    Outdoors or in, tuck a candle in the bottom of the vase to light up a wind-proof pretty glow. Use a large column candle for a bold look, or nestle tiny tea lights in pebbles or sand for a subtle effect.
  4. Coin catcher
    Place a pretty, wide-mouth vase on your dresser or near the front door to toss coins into and have fun watching it fill up. Why not donate the results to an environmental organization?
  5. Filler ‘er up
    With candy, that is. A wide-mouth vase makes a pretty candy dish on your coffee table.
  6. Chill out
    Another use for an extra-wide container – fill it with ice for your next party. (check to be sure the vase is food safe first!)
  7. Give it the brush
    Smaller vases can be used to hold cosmetics brushes on your bathroom vanity.
  8. Soothing soak
    Fill it with epsom salts and a few drops of essential oil and put it next to your tub – handy to soak sore muscles after a hard day.
  9. Stop it!
    Fill with marbles, coins, colored stones, etc and use as bookends.
  10. Put more flowers in it…
    …and then take it to a local retirement home or assisted living facility to brighten someone’s day.

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