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dealing with décor challenges

Decor challenge

We usually focus on the positive here at Inspired Habitat, but every now and then, we all face a décor challenge. The paint color turns out to be a lot more orange than apricot, or that red silk pillow you loved just doesn’t go in your beach cottage décor. Or maybe you just moved into your dream home – well, not counting the circa-1980 tiles and horrid paint job. Maybe you’re in the midst of a remodel and the floors or tile are not quite ready for primetime yet. Life doesn’t always hand us a blank slate.

Most less than stellar décor elements are easy to fix. Items can be returned, walls can be repainted and pillows can be recovered. Some are just more challenging than others to deal with. Dealing with a décor challenge is simply an invite to exercise your creativity – especially if returning the evidence is not possible!

  • Move it
    The zebra-print pouf was irresistible, but now that it’s in your living room you’re not so sure. Try relocating it, you liked it enough to buy it, it just doesn’t quite work where you thought it would. Try it in another room, like maybe your bedroom.
  • Recover it
    You can recover just about any upholstered item – sofas, cushions, pillows, poufs and more. Toss a throw you love over that couch and you might be surprised at the result.
  • Disguise it
    Paint color a little too much? If repainting isn’t an option (and sometimes it’s not) soften the impact with large art, or a gallery wall. Aim to cover as much of the wall space as possible with creative pieces. Against a vivid backdrop, the effect is simply stunning and brilliant.
  • Create white space
    If you have a riot of color or pattern going on and you feel overwhelmed, get neutral. This is especially true if you’re dealing with existing elements you can’t change. Bring in a large expanse of white, gray or a pale neutral color to give the rest of your colors breathing room. Think things like slipcovers on your sofa, a big white area rug, or even floor-to-ceiling curtains.
  • Put a rug under it
    Need a quick fix for a less than ideal floor? Area rugs. Don’t have any? Get some. Already have rugs? Swap rooms and rotate your rugs through your house. Area rugs are a perfect solution for less-than-perfect flooring that you aren’t ready to redo.
  • Décor cosmetics
    Paint and new hardware are both quick, relatively easy fixes for a lot of décor problems. Whether it’s your old cabinets that need a facelift, or that terrific flea market cupboard you found, a coat of paint and new hardware will do amazing things.
  • Add more of it
    If you’ve got preexisting home colors that just aren’t going with your furniture and decor, a simple way to make it work is to add more of it. Add a decorative pillow or throw, then add in a vase or tray to echo the color and tie everything together. Also applicable to things like sofas!
  • Learn to love it
    Give it time, you might be surprised how your opinion changes, especially on things you chose – you picked it for a reason. Often, it’s those items that at first seem a little quirky or not quite right that wind up being our favorites in years to come. Keep your sense of humor and transform mistakes into conversation pieces.
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