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We’ve talked about the trend to tiny, and how to make a small space feel larger. But what if you have the opposite “problem”? The wide-open spaces of a loft or double story living area have their own set of challenges. Bring balance to your big spaces with these easy tricks.

  • Tall plants are your friends. If your room has high ceilings, you need to fill that vertical space and bring the room down from the stratosphere. A tall plant, or even small tree will help create a cozy sense.
  • Skip the coffee table and opt for an oversize ottoman instead. Large seating arrangements can feel too distant, using a big, upholstered ottoman bridges the gap and creates softness.
  • Add a bench, or two, to your seating. Tucked up against a wall, under a window or along the back of a sofa, a bench can serve as a table, extra seating, or fill in as a footstool.
  • Define your space with a console table. Float your sofa in the middle of the room and place a console behind it to create another seating area, or define the entry or dining area.
  • Got lots of space? In a really large living room, create two full seating areas and divide them with a daybed, large bench or chaise that can serve both sides of the room.
  • Create a sense of coziness with a screen. Partially folded and placed behind your seating, they’ll create the impression of a smaller, room within a room, without disrupting traffic flow.
  • In a large space, pull that furniture away from the walls. Anchor the room around an area rug and create a cozy arrangement with a walkway around it. Use the open wall space for artwork, shelves or benches.
  • Create an intimate spot for two in a cozy corner or by a pretty window. Think about how you use the room, even if you usually host large parties, sometimes you might be having coffee with a friend.
  • Make a reading nook. That odd corner, or awkward spot next to the built-ins is the perfect spot for a cushy chair, small table and reading lamp. Put effort into this little spot and it may well become your favorite corner.
  • Install a padded bench and small table under a window, add a pair of occasional chairs to create a conversation group.
  • Got a spare bit of wall? Add floor to ceiling shelves and a single fabulous chair to create a mini library.
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