wood décor…
it’s not just about the furniture

The natural beauty of wood is classic, timeless, and done right, oh-so green. From wood furniture to wood floors, we have a love affair with all things wood. When it comes to décor, natural wood provides color, texture, warmth, and undeniable personality to any space. Wood décor can feel smooth and sleek, or rough-hewn and rustic. It’s emotionally evocative; dark colors call up images of cozy libraries or a warm ski lodge while lighter tones conjure images of summertime picnics, sun-filled kitchens or a serene spa.

Far from being an eco-nightmare, sustainable wood is a smart choice for a green home. From carefully managed plantations to reclaimed wood from old barns, the green options for wood décor are almost as limitless as what you can do with wood in your home. If you think you need to invest in hardwood floors, long expanses of wood countertops, or large pieces of wood furniture to enjoy the beauty of wood in your home, take a look and think again…

Made from reclaimed factory cart wheels, these pieces are perfect to mix and match for a truly stunning bit of wall art. Perfect for a rustic industrial interior, or even a beach cabin look.

Bowls and vases look great on shelves, coffee tables or mantles. We especially love these because each piece is unique – no cookie cutter design here!

Shelves are a great way to style your space, create storage and decorate your walls. Pretty and practical, these reclaimed pieces are equally at home in any style of décor.

Light and reflection – candlelight makes any space sparkle, put a candle in front of a mirror for even more impact. Add the beauty of these reclaimed wood pieces for extra warmth and personality.



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