World Environment Day: Share Your Dreams

Why Green

Across the world leaders and public figures are gathering today to support the environment. World Environment Day, hosted this year in Italy, marks the United Nation’s biggest day for environmental action and awareness and this year’s theme is close to our hearts at bambeco: “Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume With Care.”

Over consumption and the sustainability of Earth were among the reasons bambeco came into existence so we feel this year’s World Environment Day is especially appropriate. According to the UN, if current consumption continues at its current rate we will need 3 Earths to sustain our lifestyle by 2050. That’s not acceptable to us, and obviously the world leaders and celebrities that are part of World Environment Day agree.

So, what can we do? As part of this year’s celebration the UN is encouraging everyone to become a steward of the planet and to share their efforts by registering their activity on their site, Last year’s World Environment Day received over 6,000 pledges and 3,000 actions registered online and they hope to surpass those numbers this year. But what should your action be?

Living sustainably can mean altering your entire lifestyle or just making a more responsible choice at certain times. Things like buying organic and supporting local farmers and markets are a small change to your norm but add up to a big impact. Same with conserving water and energy at home, or making sure that empty bottle goes in the recycling instead of the trash. All of these things take small changes by you but, when combined with everyone else making similar changes, add up to a real impact.

Other more substantial ways to live more sustainably include shopping responsibly. Products made with recycled materials help conserve resources because no new material is needed for their production, plus you’re reducing the pollution that would come from making a new item. Even more green is buying items that are reclaimed, repurposed, or vintage. By finding a new use for something old, or giving new life to a previously used item, you are letting the impact of that item count for even more. Reclaimed wood items protect new trees, which in turn protect the environment and fight climate change.


World Environment Day is about demonstrating that we, as citizens, are all united alongside our planet in the fight against climate change and environmental threats. By embracing this year’s theme of sustainability every day you can help make it possible for those 7 billion dreams to have a chance to come true right here on our 1 planet.

For more information about World Environment Day visit and to share your dream and make your pledge, use the #7BillionDreams.